Building awareness and good public relations for your organization is the primary goal for many associations and one that will pay dividends. With more than 50 years experience in the political and legislative arenas, The Ferrell∙McDaniel Company can assist you and your organization in becoming a viable force in your community and the state. We have worked with nonprofit and professional organizations and help you map out a plan for successful community relations.

We are not lobbyists; however, we can help navigate and shepherd problems and questions through government. With years of legislative experience, The Ferrell∙McDaniel Company can point to the appropriate departments and agencies that can address your individual issues. Many times it is only a matter of finding the appropriate person or division that works in your particular area of concern.

We know how government works and where to go for answers.

The Ferrell∙McDaniel Company can work with you and your association to mobilize your membership into an effective grassroots organization. Advocacy is a powerful tool that many organizations do not use to their fullest advantage.

Your association, whether it is a professional organization or a group formed because of similar interests, has issues that are important to your membership. You need to protect those interests and ensure that your voice is heard.

Capacity Building
We understand the importance of capacity building. We can help by designing a plan of action that will grow your circle of influence, keep your members informed about topics that affect them and their business and professional interests. By targeting efforts in key areas, your group can identify centers of influence, organize advocates and mobilize teams to affect change in public policy.

We can work within the existing organizational structure to expand and increase the numbers of involved people. We can show you how to build a network of concerned citizens in critical areas and arrange individual meetings with key contacts.

Numbers speak. Your association can be heard as one united and powerful voice on issues and legislation that affect your members. We can show you how to be more effective by forming coalitions with other groups that have similar interests. We can assist in building awareness of issues; develop partnerships and alliances at the local and state levels.

Resource Development
Identification of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and then taking advantage of existing resources are key factors in the strategic development of an association. As groups plan for the future, fund development, membership growth and financial security are critical to the advancement and expansion of any organization.

Fund Development
With experience in fundraising for non-profit organizations and in the political arena, Ferrell McDaniel is uniquely qualified to write a fundraising plan and to develop long-term strategies to increase funding for the your association or organization. We believe that organizations have untapped resources with fundraising potential that will produce greater financial returns.

Leadership Development
Leadership is central to the success of a professional organization or an issue driven group. But do your leaders understand their role in making that success? We can provide assistance and training to your Board and Executive Committee in defining roles and responsibilities as leaders for a nonprofit association.

Public Relations

Membership Development
Growth in membership is a priority for all organizations and good communications is a critical piece for maintaining that growth. We can help you develop a communications system and plan that suits your needs. Are you taking full advantage of email capabilities? What about your newsletter and website? We can review and offer suggestions to reach your members and potential members in new and creative ways.

With effective use of earned media in targeted areas, your association can build awareness of your group and, at the same time, reinforce support for issues important to you. A good relationship with the media can reap benefits in the long run. At the same time your group can become the expert opinion in your field by providing background information and quotes for news articles and stories.

Jane Ferrell and Joyce McDaniel have 50 years of combined political and legislative experience at state and national levels. We can help you make the appropriate contacts and put you in touch with leaders and opinion makers across the state. We are not lobbyists; however, we believe that all people can make a difference.

By educating and training advocates at the local level, we can equip your members to carry your organization’s message to elected officials and to more effectively advocate for public policy change. Legislators want and need to hear your thoughts and concerns about specific legislation.

We can show you how to advance your advocacy agenda and enhance your lobbying efforts by keeping your members informed and educated about the legislative and political processes.

Integration of all communications, education and grassroots efforts is key to maximizing the legislative impact of your organization or association and moving your advocacy agenda forward.




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